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Referral Program

Recommend Dental Branding to a colleague.

Would you be willing to recommend Dental Branding to a colleague?


OPTION 1 - Traditional Referrals*

For each colleague you refer to Dental Branding, who moves forward on a marketing plan, you'll

Step 1 - Type the names and contact info of prospective colleagues in the form below. (Or email them to us at info@dentalbranding.com)

Step 2 - Let them know we will be calling.

Step 3 - Let them know what we’ve done for you. (A strong testimonial from you will ensure they move forward.)

Step 4 — Let us know when you’ve contacted them.

Step 5 —We’ll reach out to them to see if they want to engage in a 12-month strategic
marketing effort. If they do, we’ll deduct up to 10% from the total cost of your plan. There is no limit to the deductions.* Ask your strategist for details.

Before sending your responses, ensure you’ve completed each step in its entirety.

Please email (no faxes please) your responses to your Marketing Strategist.

Thank you!!

Your message has been sent. Thank you!


OPTION 2 - Study club/dental society seminar**

If you hold a study club, or are part of a study club or dental society,
book a speaker from Dental Branding and WE'LL GIVE YOU A $1,000 CREDIT.**

Step 1 - Confirm Dental Branding at an upcoming study club or dental society meeting.

Step 2 - We’ll pay our own travel expenses.

Step 3 — Ensure a minimum of 7 doctors in attendance.

We’ll send you a seminar guide with all pertinent information on the seminar. If needed, we can even supply the projector. Just find us a place to project.

Thank you!!

*A discount of up to 10% applies to referred marketing plans over $10,000. A discount of up to 5% applies to referred marketing plans under $10,000. (Our average marketing plan is $15,000.) Additional restrictions may apply, call Dental Branding for details. **$1,000 credit will be added to your account with Dental Branding and can be used toward future purchases. Restrictions may apply. Call Dental Branding for details.